Customized Centerpieces

Our balloon centerpieces change up the way your tables/bar tops look during an event. With so many options and colors you can customize each table and use as a parting gift for your guests! The longlasting balloon decor is great for a multiple day event such as family reunions and corporate events. Click here to get a quote on your customized balloon centerpiece.

Shimmer and shine balloon centerpiece.jpg

SuperBowl LIII is coming to Atlanta!!

Wow your guests with balloons! In Atlanta we are gearing up to welcome thousands of visitors from all across the world. What better way to say it than balloon letters?! Our foil balloon letters can spell out anything you can think of including hashtags. Visit the website to get a same day quote for your event.

Postcard front v1.jpg

Follow The Trail of Balloons!

Your guests won’t get lost if they follow the trail of latex balloons! Balloons that surround a focal point are cool but there’s other options as well. You can guide and direct the flow of your event by placing balloon markers around the venue. They’re really hard to miss!

When the balloon bouquets are smaller they are easier to fit in tight areas, such as a staircase. Give us an email to find out how we can tailor fit your next event!

A Twist To Classic Decor

You don’t have to use foil balloons to create a twist on your classic balloon decor. This organization created a community baby shower to donate to women in need. The balloon designs included baby bottles, rattles and so much more! 1 Moe Balloon included printed latex balloons to match their theme and keep them on budget. Send us an email to find out how to use printed latex balloons to decorate your next event!

Baby balloon columns.jpg

Confetti not glitter!!

Every wonder why we use confetti for balloons instead of glitter? It’s inevitable that something is going to pop! Hopefully the balloon isn’t filled with glitter or that makes for a terrible task to clean up. 1 Moe Balloon uses larger 3/4” confetti to fill latex balloons, not only are they more visible but easier to clean if needed. Confetti balloons can be customized to any color scheme you may have.

Confetti balloons .jpg

It's time for setup!!

Ever wonder how the fun starts?? Well somebody has to do the hard work. Our team hand delivers every balloon arrangement and provides setup. 1 Moe Balloon uses the best quality materials and that makes a difference when setting up balloons outdoors. This yard number balloon column was anchored from several angles to ensure its stability against the wind. The use of lighter colors are a must when choosing outdoor decor. The oxidation of lighter shades if balloons occurs a little slower than darker shades.

10 foot Balloon Yard Number

10 foot Balloon Yard Number